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Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Phil Madeira and Billy Sprague

Coming from Somewhere Else

A great memory for me was when "Place In This World" won the Dove award for song of the year and I was able to introduce Wayne to speak. The audience responded with a huge standing ovation for this amazing (and under recognized at the time) writer. Place In This World was written as a response to letters I received from kids trying to fit in. Wayne and Amy wrote an unbelievable lyric to the music I had written. There has been a number of people who have come up to me and said that song literally saved their lives and helped them cope with their depression. I don't know that I will ever do a concert where I will not sing it. It's a career song for me.


Phil has had more than 150 of his compositions recorded by a variety of artists. He came to the attention of the music world when "Hunger And Thirst", recorded by popular Christian vocalist Susan Ashton, became a #1 songs on Christian radio in 1993. He has gone on to write songs for Garth Brooks, Alison Krauss and the hit TV series "Touched By An Angel" among others. He has released several independent projects including his most recent project THREE HORSESHOES, which was written while touring in England. Phil also has a career as a solo recording artist. PhilĂ­s work as a session musician is also noteworthy, having added his multi-instrumental skills on the Hammond B3, guitar and accordion to hundreds of records over the last fifteen years These skills are also occasionally witnessed, "live" when he performs with artists such as popular singer/songwriters Buddy and Julie Miller, and Phil Keaggy.

Coming From Somewhere Else

One day after the release of their Rocketown Records debut COMING FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE, award winning songwriters Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Phil Madeira and Billy Sprague will take part in a live internet chat.

Christian rock songs

It is really a relief to know that in every possible music genre you can find at least one song that is all about Jesus, God and the beautiful religion of Christianity. Today's music is often all about things that are not actually important in life. Christian rock music tries to make that different and you can find real redemption in these songs even if you are a big sinner and usually use the internet to go on Live Sex Chat. If you like rock then you will love Christian rock, that is for sure.

The faith in rock

Christian rock is a contemporary form of rock which lyrics handle about Jesus, faith and love. You will not be able to feel any hate while listening to songs of this genre and certainly not be able to hate anyone or anything after hearing that beautiful and peaceful words and sounds. Gordon Kennedy is one of the big names in Christian rock music, he wrote a few of the biggest songs in the history of Christian rock music and the music history generally. The song Change The World is one of his biggest achievements, although he wrote it, he left Eric Clapton sing it. His calming voice and the beautiful lyrics and sound make this song the most popular out of this genre. To prove it we will only add that it remained on the Billboard Top 20 for 81 straight weeks and it was the No. 1 for full 13 weeks. That is amazing considering that the 90s were the era of pop music.

Gordon Kennedy really wanted to change the world to a be a better place for everyone and he often said that through his lyrics and music. I would say that he made it. He tried to make a big difference and teach people about the good things in life through his music. That is what we should use music for, to help other people to become better and to help them go through their struggles in life.

In the beginnings of Christian rock music, in the 50s, there were quite a few people in the United States that did not like the idea of it, but soon they realized that it can only do good. Even Elvis Presley made a whole album called He Touched Me, praising the Christian faith and singing about Jesus and the Lord, it came out in 1972. Bill Gaither was the one who wrote the best song on that album, called just like it - He Touched Me. It was and still is one of the best songs of Christian rock.

Robert Pierre is also one of the people who did, and still does, a lot for Christian rock. One of the songs that came out in 2006 that was a really good Christian rock song is Whispers in The Dark, sung by Comatose. Its lyrics are really strong and you will enjoy it for sure. Go online and you will find a lot radio station that play only Christian music and a lot Christian rock, you will love it, for sure.