Things you did not know about Christian rock

Among some conservative Christians, Christian rock was not going that well at the start. They believed that it would, as they say, spread hate and be just as rock itself. But soon people realized that Christian rock is good, just as the real rock music today, although there is some evil in everything, including rock music.

The roots of Christian rock music, songs and bands date back to the late 50s and early 60s of the last century. The first band who played Christian rock music in the history is believed to be The Crusaders. They were a garage band in South California. Their 1966 album Make a Joyful Noise with Drums and Guitars was the first record that played true gospel rock music. Many call it the first record of Christian rock. But the one who shaped the face of Christian rock is Larry Norman. He is often called the father of Christian rock music. He played and brought to the world the first commercial Jesus rock album called Upon This Rock.

Things change

Larry Norman was also the one who made many conservative Christians change their mind from thinking that rock was bad and even anti - Christian. He once said that Devil should not have all the good music, and that is why he decided to do Christian rock.

The 80s were the real period when the Christian rock started to become popular among people. Groups like Jars of Clay and Audio Adrenaline contributed a lot and created some interesting albums and songs that made the Christian rock what it is today.

There are also many festivals like the Creation Festival, the Ichthus Festival and the famous Cornerstone Festival that play Christian rock music and make people enjoy this powerful and beautiful form of rock in large groups. If you ever have the opportunity to visit one of these or similar festivals than don't hesitate, you will have a great time, for sure!